Sunday, November 6, 2016

31 May 2016

Simone's Birthday Today she is so excited for her party.  Another treatment of Mabthera this Friday then she is going out to have fun at her friend Melissa's party. Then Saturday is Simone's Party..

13 May 2016

There are anti-bodies in Simone blood that are causing her blood to drop regularly.  The Dr's are going to request that they can try Mabthera on Simone.. It is a very pricy drug cost R25 000.00 per dose and she will need four doses.
Some of the side effects are hot spot (rat tail on you lower back), tightening of the chest, back pain, hot flushes, temperatures and high blood pressure.  Hectic things she has to go through....

Over the next few weeks Simone will be in and out of hospital receiving two pints of blood everytime. It is also not healthy to receive too much blood due to all the iron in the blood she is receiving.

22 April 2016

Simone received a top up on her stem cells - lymphocytes today.. Doing homework while they busy with the infusion.  Quite a procedure..

24 February 2016

Simone wants her J-line out so today it is coming out!!!! She cant wait. I took a video of Dr Brittain taking the J line out- the whole procedure is on video for Simone only to see.

17 February 2016

Simone is out of Hospital and off to Ocean Basket for her first meal out since May 2015..
We are celebrating Heather's Birthday.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

9 February 2016

They drew blood today again to check the CMV Count it was 153 000 this week it is 60 939!!!
Today is the last day of the Polygam.... So Happy

Haemaglobin 9.7
Platelets 191
White Cell Count 2.63
Neutrophils 2.25
Lymphocites 0.22
Kidney Function 56

10 February 2016

Restless night last night.  Cymvene will be reduced.
Had to have Neupogen as her white cell count is too low.

She has to have Phenegran everytime she has the Polygam as she has reaction to it everytime.

08 February 2016


Simone is very upset that she is at the hospital and she cant see her brother for his birthday.
Hopefully she will be home for Heather's Birthday..